These Are A Few Of His Favorite Things


Ian journals at school, and he’s been so into it, we decided to buy journals for home, too. Ian has one, I have one, daddy has one. The idea was to journal every day, and we’ve done it maybe four times. Still, we’re sitting down, not kicking a ball or throwing pillows. I’m in heaven.

Ian loves to write random letters, then have me read them like it’s one long giant word. Then we laugh for a long time. The other day I was done writing and Ian wasn’t, so I asked him a series of questions. The truth of the answers is questionable, the cuteness is not.

Favorite Food: Strawberry Banana Whipped Cream Cake (does this exist? it should)

Favorite Game: T-Ball (never played to my knowledge)

Favorite Piece Of Clothing: Minecraft piece of clothing (Dylan’s t-shirt)

Favorite Park: Jocelyn Park

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Movie: Mickey Mouse Space

Favorite TV Show: Little Einsteins

Favorite Activity: Play Video Games (oh no)

What Super Power Would You Like To Possess: Invisibility (woah)

Favorite Holiday: Mother’s Day. Well, Christmas and Mother’s Day because I love you and I love the trees at Christmas (tears).

What Do You Like Most About Yourself: My flip on the trampoline in Michigan.


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