Birth & Lactation Resources

About Families is a non-profit in the Coachella Valley that offers birth, postpartum, breast/chest/body feeding support, and parent support.

Birth Your Way and Acorn Community Birth & Wellness Center are our closest birthing centers, if you are looking for out of hospital options.

Sandy’s Newborn Family Care provides postpartum support, sleep support, and new parent group support.

Crumbs and Smiles. Amy Nunez is a licensed speech therapist and infant feeding specialist.

Gonstead Family Chiropractor offers infant chiropractic care.

Teddy Dental is a pediatric dental practice that offers lip and tongue tie revision.

Tae Oriental Medicine Clinic is a local acupuncture and herbal medicine provider who takes insurance, including IEHP.

Kindred Kids is a birth worker/parent owned childcare service.

Let’s talk about Lip Ties.

How to use the Haakaa milk catcher/pump.

Working on acheiving a more comfortable latch.

Experiencing extreme engorgement? Try Reverse Pressure Softening.

A great bottle for babies who are breast/chest feeding.

Wonderful article on the “no pumping before six weeks” advice we often hear. As with everything else, there is no one answer. It depends on your breast or chest feeding goals.

Curious about Baby Led Feeding/Weaning?

Why I support safe co-sleeping (and don’t love sleep training).

Breast/Chest feeding after surgery.

Examples of hand expressing milk. (This video says “first milk,” but you can hand express at any/every stage of your nursing journey.)

Side-lying at the breast/chest or bottle feeding is a great option for babies who are choking due to a fast letdown, or who may have low tone or are working on oral strength.

How to use a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS)

Vaginal Seeding after Cesarean (early days on research for this, but definitely something to discuss with your care provider).

This is a living document and will grow and change as our desert resources grow and change. Stay tuned!