Lactation Bars

Mandy’s bars work! They provide the essential ingredients working moms need to help boost milk supply and maintain milk supply while on the go! As a working mom I never had time to make my own and the store bought lactation cookies are rock hard, tasteless and don’t work. Mandy’s bars have become a staple in my house and have helped me through dips in my supply helping me to get to the 1 year breastfeeding mark!  These bars are delicious! They are fresh and they preserve well in the freezer. They are just as good frozen as they are fresh! You’ve got a genius recipe Mandy! Thank you for your bars and your help and support to keep me a breastfeeding mama!

Alex H.

These are the tastiest and most wholesome cookies I’ve ever eaten. Mandy’s Lactation Bars are so delicious! And so good for you!  And, I’m not even nursing!

Tim Matheson

When my twins were born, I basically lived on Mama Mandy’s bars. Knowing that I had something that was not just amazingly delicious but super nutritious set my always-hungry mind at ease. And knowing that they were helping me build a healthy foundation for my milk supply to nurse my twin toddlers (for over 3 years now) made me love them even more!

Kimberly Lam

Personal Chef Services

Chef Mandy cooked for me after my back surgery. The meals were delicious, nutritious and perfectly balanced. She is amazing!

Mary N.

I have both worked with Mandy and eaten her fabulous food and she is TOPS. Mandy is a creative and thoughtful chef with an eye for detail. You can trust that whether she is cooking wholesome comfort food for a new momma and her family or creating a personalized healthy meal for a busy working couple (or anyone in between), the meal will be fantastic!

Lisa A.

Doula Services

Mandy is the best doula you can ask for! She combines the talents of being a masseuse, chef, and photographer with her sweet and loving personality.

Crystal M.

I cannot say enough about this incredible sensitive and talented human being. She is a gift to whomever she is close to!

Shauna S.