Old Friends, New Friends

95 degrees and humid. Had to cool off in the sprinkler.


Mom showed Aunt Courtney how to use the Moby. I wasn't in a Moby mood.


Daddy comes to Michigan! Our reunion in the driveway.


Swinging at Burns Park.


I knew just what to do. Hold on!


Swinging with daddy. Holding on. Safety first.


Me and Matteo. I was not exactly my charming self. Teo was the Zen baby.


Just like Ruthie and mom. Ebony and Ivory.






How far we've come, eh? xo


Teo, Ian, and Sawyer on a Summer's day. We waited WAY too long to do the photo shoot...



Today I got to catch up with several childhood friends. It was AWESOME.  I love how years can go by and yet it feels like no time has  passed.  We confirmed that we indeed were exceptionally naughty kids, and that we’ve all turned out pretty great.  Husband met them for the first time and he thought they were hilarious, and he now understands where my potty mouth comes from.

Cheers to the next generation being nothing like us!

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