Saturday Pier & Dancing

We kicked a gloomy Saturday morning in the pants. With boots on. Boots that are still too big, unfortunately (I bought these suckers in June! Size seven my eye.).

So the boots will stay on as long as he doesn’t go up or down any stairs. Practical.


He specifically requested nuts for breakfast, so that’s what he got. I gave him a small bowl to eat while I packed snacks for our beach morning. When, we got to the beach, this is what I found. In both boots. And he’d been walking around in them.


We went to the pier off Washington Blvd. in Venice with Bodhi. They were mostly interested in puddles and these weird metal poles with flaps on the top that opened (for fishing?). The ocean got a cool how do you do, but it was a nice change of pace for us mamas from the usual park park park park park park park. I actually would like to move back to Venice…

Ocean air hair.



After Bodhi got sand in his eye, and Ian got his diaper changed ON the pier (he had pooped and I have no shame), we headed to the space where Ash was performing (she’s a dancer and this was her debut since Bodhi was born-and it was AWESOME). She wanted to rehearse and we thought it would be fun to have the boys watch. Ian had never seen a stage before, much less a live dance. He was VERY excited, so excited that he had a hard time watching and wanted to be part of the action, dancing along with Ash and her partner. So yea, the morning ended in a heap of tears, crying all the way to the car, “Watch the show!!!!!”



I thought an epic nap was ahead of us for sure. Nope. 30 whole minutes. The rest of the day reminded me of my days working retail. Clock. Watching. I had no energy left so we watched Beauty & The Beast, CG, took a long bath, read books, and did this for about 45 minutes:


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