Two VBACs in Twenty Four Hours

We were supposed to travel to Michigan for the holidays. Instead, we are moving to Palm Desert, so this Christmas will be surrounded with boxes and big feelings, and we will, hopefully, be moving into our first home on New Year’s Day, which also happens to be Ian’s fifth birthday.

I hadn’t been feeling the holiday spirit, and have found comfort in fast forwarding to next Christmas when we’ll be settled, less poor, and will celebrate properly in my home town. Nothing like babies to snap you into the present. I found myself supporting mama number one through her vbac journey, and when she was nearing the end, mama number two began her journey, across town. I called in one of my incredible doula sisters, and I arrived just in time to capture the second birth. Then I was high for another full day.

These mamas stories are unique, but they both educated themselves, found supportive providers, gathered support teams, and believed they could do it. And they DID. I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday. Thank you for allowing me in.

IMG_7492 IMG_7546 IMG_7566_2 IMG_7640 IMG_7647 IMG_7651 IMG_7657 IMG_7663 IMG_7665 IMG_7693 IMG_7734 IMG_7767 IMG_7776 IMG_7792 IMG_7800 IMG_7805 IMG_7843 IMG_7845 IMG_7859 IMG_7878 IMG_7885 IMG_7905 IMG_7921 IMG_7978 IMG_7989


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