More Thai Noodles, Mint Oreo Ice Cream, & Presents

This was day two of my Thai take-out adventure.  Pad See-Ew.  As I mentioned before, I really just wanted Pad Thai, but had to order $20 worth of food in order to get free delivery, so this was my other choice.

It was good.  Nothing craveable, but give me a bowl of salty noodles with stir-fried veggies and fried tofu, and I’ll finish it.  No problemo.

After two days of too much Thai, my body was asking for hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers and pita ONLY, so that’s what I did yesterday.  Until last night, when I suddenly had an ice cream craving (first one in pregnancy).  This was call for celebration, and an immediate Baskin Robbins run.  I hadn’t been to Baskin Robbins since God was a boy, and apparently you should be 65 or older to enter.  We were BY FAR the youngest BR partakers, with the exception of the twelve-year olds serving us.

I sampled Snickers and Icing On The Cake flavors before I settled on Mint Oreo, which was surprisingly low-fat.  Nummy nummy!  I’m still not interested in chocolate much, but the mint was oh so good…I really wanted Peppermint Stick ice cream but it’s only a seasonal flavor.  Whatever.

My next ice cream outing will be Coldstone Creamery.  Never been there, people.  Any advice?

Baby’s first clothes.  Ever.  These adorable pieces came from Denise Vivaldo; client, mentor, friend.  The animal footie onesies are killing me.

My child does NOT cry, it roars.

Looks like there will be monkeys jumping on the bed!

This will be so good for Winter Baby.  Keeps toes warm.  Ready to kiss them NOW!

Today, I got this in the mail from super artist goddess Claudette Stern.  You know when you know someone, but it was years ago, and years since you’ve spoken, but you think about them all the time?  That’s Claudette.

I babysat for her kids when we were neighbors, and I thought she was the most beautiful, graceful, talented and coolest mom ever.  Good old Facebook has reconnected us and I’m SO grateful.  She’s just one of those people who makes you feel good, and inspires you to be your best creative self.

She sent me an envelope full of Ann Arbor love.

And how in the world did she know that hummingbirds are the most important bird for me.  Why?  My grandmother told me, “one day, when I’m gone, whenever you see a hummingbird, that’s me, coming around to say hello.”  I had an ornamental hummingbird in my wedding bouquet, and have no qualms talking to my grandma out loud whenever a hummingbird flies by.

Of course Claudette would send me a hummingbird.  She’s just one of those people who gets it.  Magical.

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