My low-cry baby has become a much-more-cry baby since he learned to roll over.  Now he rolls over on his tummy, then screams because-what? He wants to crawl? He wants to be on his back?

He also seems frustrated that he can’t sit up. He tries over and over again to sit up straight in his bouncy chair, swing, or when we’re playing on the floor.  Then, he screams.  If I help him up to sitting, he wants to stand.  Then he’s standing, which works for about a minute.

I’ve been letting him cry for a little while, and if he doesn’t recover and starts to play again (or passes out), I pick him up and soothe him.  Nursing him also works, of course.  Oh, and on that note, he won’t take a bottle anymore.  And he’s barely napping.  Can’t wait for teething to begin!  I think I’m stopping with one.

I have a feeling we’re going to need to baby proof sooner rather than later.  Any advice on how to navigate these high frustration days?

Today started like this.
He sleeps late because he works like a dog all day long. My toga baby.
We spend lots of time rolling onto our tummy and then getting really pissed off.
Then we move to the bouncy, and try to pull ourselves up with our brute strength.
Happy post-nurse. Quick break, then it's back to the salt mines once again.

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