Bloody Pinky & Blue Lips

Sanctuary Baby reunion at Summer's yesterday. Babes are in birth order: Ian 1/1, Noli 1/11, Eliseo 1/16, McClure 1/18, & Mila 1/26 (mamas please correct me if I messed any dates up). Ian and Mila are slapping their thighs in mirth and jubilance.
And then there were three. McClure owes Ian and Mila a good scratch/kick/barf/whathaveyou.
Mom to the rescue!
Here comes Mila's mom...
All by myself in the big green hammock.
This morning mom cut my pinky trying to clip my nails. She froze but luckliy dad was on the case and patched me up with two tiny butterfly bandages.
First boo boo.
Then we went to the park for mom's group, but no one showed up except our best buds Mila and Erika.
Mom thought it was perfect park weather (65 degrees and overcast, no wind), until my lips started to match my outfit.
So we blew that joint and went shopping. Can you see my two little nubbins? I'm working on it!

7 comments on “Bloody Pinky & Blue Lips

  1. So, cute! Flip that 9 around and you’ve got Mila’s Bday 1/26. As I’m typing Mila is in the Moby talking and smiling at Ian’s photo (last on your post). Good times today. Soup next week! xo

  2. What a lovely day! Ian is getting soo big! OMG, I remember when I nicked Charlie’s skin when trying to clip his nails. I almost vomited bc I couldn’t handle seeing him in pain. E did a great job with the bandage.

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